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Choosing Solutions, not Sides

Despite the challenges facing our state, I have hope for the future of Illinois. This hope does not stem from a faith in our state government, but from a faith in the people of Illinois. Our history is rich with exceptional men and women who worked hard and took risks to create a better life for their children and their children’s children.

Unfortunately, this dream for a better future is under attack by special interests and self-serving politicians who are decimating our state. Prosperity is not guaranteed—it must be fought for and defended by ‘we the people’, so we can pass the baton to the next generation.

Bring Fiscal Sanity to the State of Illinois

2020 Promise: We have great opportunities to develop our economy, but the financial issues Illinois faces continue to threaten the stability of our business climate.

Businesses are leaving the state and choosing to grow elsewhere. When we get our finances under control and begin to show simple signs of stability, we can begin to reverse negative trends, which will in turn stimulate growth and create jobs.

Creating jobs grows our tax base instead of growing our tax rate.

"Illinois citizens bear one of the highest tax burdens in the country. With Illinois suffering a mass exodus, I do not believe we should tax and spend our way out of all the looming debt. It is too hard on the citizens who are staying in Illinois, and it only perpetuates all of Illinois' issues."

"The graduated (progressive) tax will only amount to a blank check given to politicians in Springfield to continue the tax and spend status quo. The proposed tax will not have any constitutional protections for taxpayers and politicians can raise taxes on any group of taxpayers whenever they want, including small businesses. We cannot give a blank check to politicians who refuse to cut spending or lower taxes."


Getting Illinois Back to Work

2020 Promise: Tim will help put an end to the mass exodus of jobs and businesses from Illinois. Our state needs to be open for business to create STABLE employment and help Illinoisans get back to work. Tim will focus on local issues and work with area employers to not only stay but grow in our region.


"With sporadic tax hikes, complex regulations, and budget uncertainty, Springfield has not provided the stability and confidence innovators and entrepreneurs need to invest in Illinois communities. Tim believes creating jobs and growing our economy is critical to put our state back on the path to fiscal solvency. Reducing red tape, opposing tax hikes, and making it easier for businesses to form and expand will grow Illinois’ tax base and allow our communities to thrive once again."



Holding Government Accountable

2020 Promise: Illinois has seen enough career politicians. It is time for a State Representative who will be a public servant—supporting term limits, redistricting reform, and holding government accountable. Everyone that has a pension already should keep it (pensions are a promise), but we need to look at how we are funding pensions for the next working generation.

Supporting our Schools

2020 Promise: Due to a lack of leadership in Springfield over the past few decades, Illinois families have been forced to abandon their homes to seek employment, and a better future for their children in neighboring states. Educators and parents have lost trust and have given up in believing that Illinois will provide fair opportunities for the next generation. We need to provide a high-quality and competitive education to keep our future from crossing state-lines.

NO Unfunded Mandates/NO Higher Property Taxes

I will vote NO against unfunded mandates because I do not want higher property taxes!

I believe in local control and with schools already underfunded, we cannot keep asking them to do more with less.


Protecting 2nd Amendment Rights

2020 Promise: Tim will defend our 2nd Amendment rights and fight against any bills brought forth in the name of "public safety," but aimed at criminalizing legal gun owners. Tim will defend the constitutional rights of everyone in the 37th district from the 2nd Amendment to the 4th Amendment and beyond!


  • FOID Card Carrier
  • Concealed Carry License Carrier
  • Member of the ISRA (Illinois State Rifle Association)
  • Lifetime member of NRA